The Vineyarders chalked up their second win of the gridiron season last Saturday in a clear-cut 36-0 score over Nantucket High School. The regional’s outstanding defensive line, led by co-captain John Bunker, Tony DeBettencourt, Lennie DonAroma and Bob Norton, proved too much for the Nantucket gridders.
Offensively, Vineyarders took most of their yardage through straight drive plays. The Vineyard score consisted of five touchdowns, with Niemiec kicking for two extra points and Manny Nunes rushing for four.
Quarterback Rallie Jackson put in another good show Saturday, making two touchdowns in the process. Fullback Bill Bassett made a beautiful 59 yard run for a touchdown, but received a knee injury in the third quarter, ending his action for the game. Halfback Bob Tankard crossed the goal line twice for the Vineyarders, once in the fourth quarter with a spectacular 49 yard dash.
The Vineyarders will be out to hold their winning start tomorrow against Tabor Academy at Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven. Tabor players will arrive this afternoon.
Regional players: ends, D. DePriest, daRosa, Engley, O’Neil; the tackles, A. DePriest, DonAroma, Norton, Geddis, Stone; guards, Bunker, Metell, Swartz; centers, DeBettencourt, Wilcox; backs, Jackson, Nunes, Tankard, Bennett, Bassett, Lawry, Niemiec, Child, Robichau, D. daRosa.
Nantucket: ends, Duarte, Campbell, King; tackles, Egan, J. Harris, J. Marks, Niles, G. Santos; guards, Barrett, Allen, Costa; centers, Slosets, Harris; backs, Glidden, Marks, Cossano, Lemi, Ferantella, Davis, Cato, R. Satons, Waine, Wheeler.