Three important steps toward responsible service to the Island were taken last weekend by The Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Inc. On Saturday a group of seven: Rev. J. Gordon Allen, Robert J. Carroll, Rev. S. Read Chatterton, Charles E. Downs, Miss Margaret Love, Dr. Robert W. Nevin, and Mrs. John W. M. Whiting met in Edgartown for the purpose of organizing a corporation.
Dr. Joseph Frisch, Mrs. Nancy Hodgson, Dr. Russell Hoxsie, Rev. James McMahon, and Mrs. Donald Poole were chosen to serve as additional directors. Mr. Allen will serve as president, Dr. Hoxsie as vice president, and Miss Love as secretary and treasurer until there is a meeting of the entire membership. This membership is to include all those who contribute to the organization. Miss Love announced that to date there have been financial contributions totaling $5,900.

Clinical Committee Reports

The directors met again Sunday afternoon at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital to hear a report of a preliminary clinical committee. It was voted to proceed to form a guidance center to begin its work by November 15. Dr. Milton Mazer was elected director of this center and he was empowered to employ an executive secretary.
Details of the clinical program are being worked out by a committee consisting of Dr. Nevin, chairman, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Chatterton, Dr. Frisch, Rev. Elliot Gauffreau, Alfred Hall, Mrs. Hodgson, and ex-officio, Mr. Allen, Dr. Mazer, and the president of the Martha’s Vineyard Medical Association, Dr. Donald R. Mills. This committee will make its report to the directors on Nov. 5 and a meeting of the entire membership is planned for Monday evening, Nov. 27.