Mrs. Guy W. Stantial and Mrs. Malcolm McBride, two Vineyard summer residents of long standing, are to be presented on a radio broadcast commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the ratification of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution, over WEEI on Thursday, Aug. 25. The broadcast will be entitled, The Women Who Won, and Mrs. Stantial and Mrs. McBride are two of those who helped achieve woman’s suffrage through this amendment.

Another of the women who won is Mrs. Rosa Roewer of Pigeon Cove, Rockport, who has been a visitor on the Vineyard recently.

The nineteenth amendment was proclaimed by the Secretary of State to be in effect on Aug. 26, 1920. The commemorative broadcast will be on the eve of the anniversary, from 9:30 to 10 p.m.

Closely Linked with It

Mrs. Stantial, who is secretary of the Suffrage Archives Committee, was closely associated with national leaders of the suffrage movement. Her home is in Melrose and she has bee a Chilmark summer resident for many years.

Mrs. McBride is a former vice president of the Ohio League of Women Voters and former president of the Cleveland League of Women Voters. She was active in the suffrage movement nationally. Her summer home is at West Chop.

Mrs. Roewer was arrested and jailed by the Boston police for picketing the State House on behalf of women’s suffrage.

Others to be presented on the program are Mrs. William Lloyd Garrison Jr., Judge Jennie Loitman Barron, and Mrs. Gregory Smith.

The program will offer a review of the events leading up to the adoption of the nineteenth amendment. The research and writing have been done by Dick Horne, and Priscilla Fortescue will be narrator.

To those who like to ask “What have women done with the vote now that they have it?” Mr. Horne and Arthur C. King, director of the WEEI Department of Public Affairs, say they have seldom been so moved when preparing a documentary as they have been on this assignment. The found many answers to that question.