Equipped with all necessities for carrying on the summer program, but still lacking in details which the sponsors hope to obtain, the new Chilmark Community Center Inc. opened on Sunday, receiving some three hundred persons, who inspected the building, listened to a half-dozen speakers, partook of refreshments and proclaimed their satisfaction and pleasure.
The kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances, for cooking, heating water and performing everything pertaining to this important department.
The large assembly room, designed for summer use, has folding chairs for adults, benches for children, a movie machine and screen, while the smaller, winterized portion of the building has a number of small tables which can be used for various purposes, in addition to the chairs which can be moved wherever they are needed. Window hangings have been installed also, and although, as the chairman, Joe Kraetzer, said, “the furnishings are simple and actually sparse,” still the institution is ready to do business.

Praises Cooperation

At the Sunday gathering, Mr. Kraetzer spoke for the corporation, praising the work of the members and the cooperation of year-round and summer visitors. Benjamin C. Mayhew Jr., selectman, spoke for the town,  expressing pleasure and appreciation for what had been done, and Roger N. Baldwin, chairman of the town affairs committee, Mrs. Karl Nielson and Arthur Jonas, all spoke regarding the community value and the summer program which is about to begin, in charge of Mr. Jonas, who is the full-time director.
The program for the center will begin in mid-morning with nursery classes and attractions for older children, continuing until midnight, with dancing, movies, forums and other forms of attraction and entertainment for all age groups. In this, the program will not differ greatly from what has taken place previously, but in the new building everything will be much more satisfactory.
The achievement is an admirable example of what can be achieved through neighborhood cooperation and effort.