The Cottagers Club ended its first active season, well pleased with its donations to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital auxiliary and the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital as its first charitable ventures.

The Cottagers Club came into tentative being last summer when a group of friends decided to direct some of their combined energies toward some unselfish enterprise beneficial to Island charities. This summer at the first official meeting the enthusiasm was contagious, and thirty-eight members now comprise the active list of the cottagers.

Their names bear enumerating, for each of them in one or several ways contributed to the success of the Cottagers feel they have the right to enjoy. There are even two male members propping up this predominately female structure. Doctors Joseph Brown and Lucien Brown are full-fledged members, with their membership fee of $10 neatly tucked in the handsome check the Cottagers contributed to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

The other members whose $10 members whose $10 membership fee swelled the total to $380 are Mesdames Schley Brown, Sarah Clark, Bertha Cotton, Jaime Coleman, Wilbur Coleman, Maurice Curtis, Helene Downing, L. Franklin, J. Goldsberry, Edward Howard, John Howard, Emile Holley, Iskander Hourwich, Herbert Jackson, Irby Jones, romaine Lippman, Wilmer Lucas, Kenneth McClane, Oliver Moody, Earl Peterson, Jospeh Pierce, Imogene Powell, James K. Smith, Mabel Sandridge, Barbara Townes, Frank Turner, Alfred Tynes, John Vosburg, Hazel Walker, Johnny Walker, Hazel Walker, Martha Williams, Thomas Williams, Fred White, and Misses Irene Ford, Catharine Scott and Dorothy West.

The membership in The Cottagers is now closed and the admission of new members is tabled for further consideration next season. But there are some non-members who have given much constructive and material help to The Cottagers. Among this group the name of Mrs. Hazel Styles shines brightly. And again she has pledged her support for next season.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital fair held at Hartford Park in Oak Bluffs, the Cottagers’ table contributed $150 to the auxiliary. With the $380 directly contributed to the hospital through the Oak Bluffs chairman, Mrs. David Rappaport, the Cottagers have given $530 in their first combined effort. Next year they hope to expand their activities to include other charities in their program.

Others elected for the coming year are: Mrs. James Kelley Smith, president; Mrs. Francis Turner, vice president; Mrs. Lylburn Downing, secretary; Mrs. Wilmer Lucas, treasurer; Miss Dorothy West, publicity.

D. West.