The Bradley Memorial Baptist Church of Oak Bluffs is happy now to be in possession of a new church home where services have been held the past three Sundays. The structure which stands opposite the Oak Bluffs town hall on Pequot avenue, was built by the First Baptist Church and I used for many years until this congregation disbanded and sold the property to the Odd Fellows Fraternity.

With the completion of repairs and painting now under way, the Bradley Memorial Congregation will have an exceptionally attractive and well appointed meeting house. The church sanctuary has already been redecorated in pleasing tones, the floor sanded and varnished, and the entrance refinished. There are a commodious vestry, kitchen, parlor, and a large basement which will be used for club activities and recreational purposes. Sunday School rooms and toilet accommodations are also available on the first floor.

Work on the exterior will go forward at once, so the completely renovated structure will be an improvement to the neighborhood.

Inter-Racial Policy

The need for a suitable church in which this worthy congregation might worship and carry on its work has long been felt, and the excellent attendance already in evidence should mark a new day in the history of the Bradley Memorial, which proposes to operate as an inter-racial church with a welcome and church home for all. The Massachusetts Baptist Convention has encouraged and stood back of this congregation in the venture.

The members are working hard and giving sacrificially, and will deeply appreciate the support of their friends and the public at large with contributions which should be directed to the Martha's Vineyard National Bank of Vineyard Haven which has consented to act as depositors for the Building Fund. Acknowledgments will be made by the treasurer, Mrs. Edna L. Smith.