For the Vineyard footballers, the outcome of yesterday’s game with Nantucket in a scoreless tie was a moral victory. The young Vineyarders held the experienced Nantucketers down to an even-stephen nothingness all the
It was a see-sawing ground play throughout, until the last quarter when the Vineyard pressed its way down to Nantucket’s 10 yard line and lost the ball on downs. Nantucket then took to the air and was successful in getting back to the Vineyard’s 35. Nantucket continued to fill the air with [asses until the final whistle caught the visitors high and still dry.


Ends: Tophan, Senecal; tackles: Stojaik, Oicott; guards: Ryder, Wasierski, Macvieir; center: Retumends; backs: Perry, Thurston, Duarte, Duce, Surall.

Martha’s Vineyard

Ends: Clough, J. Downs; tackles: Brown, Parker; guards: Davey, M. Downs, Coutinho, Conroy; center: Clarke; backs: Hearn, Meyer, Combra, Peters, Amaral, Parsons.