Twelve years ago a group of men and women, domestic employees, who came to Edgartown, formed a club to provide a means of social contact which was otherwise lacking,. and to make possible pleasant use of leisure time. Fer the past five years the membership has been sixty-five. The idea of the club came from Louise Hayer of EngLwood, N. J. and has been improved upon by Edna and James Smith.
For three years the little cottage was rented from the late Lyman Norton and was later purchased by the Smiths who have improved the grounds and built a new club house with all modern improvements.
The Open Door Club promotes wholesome and pleasant hours for you when you are off on Thursday and Sunday, afternoons and eve­nings. The time is spent in games and refreshments, and making new friends.

Always Open to Visitors

The club house is open to visitors at all times. On the second Thursday in August comes the annual tea, where employers and friends are in­vited to an afternoon of entertain­ment by the members. Parties are held at the club and on the beaches in pleasant weather, and fishing par­ties are planned by the group.
In the past twelve years the club has had 500 members. Mrs. Lonnie Howard of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Wilkenson and Mrs. Essie Powell are the honor roll members for ten years. Many members come just for one year, others return two or three years.
I have received many wonderful letters from the members, who write what a wonderful time they have had at the club. We are looking forward to a prosperous summer, and hope to meet a host of new friends.
I have always wanted to live in the ; house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.