The first Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass Derby, the most ambitious event of its kind to be arranged for this coast, will begin at 12 noon on Sunday, Sept. 15, and will continue until 12 noon on Oct. 15. The grand prize of the derby is $1,000, and among the contestants so far are salt water fishermen from Toronto, others from Canada, four from Virginia, two from Philadelphia, and hundreds from the New England states and New York.

M. Martin Gouldey, general chairman, said yesterday that the total number of entries cannot be accurately forecast, since many are arriving daily, and many are in the hands of the committee members and others for forwarding. But as the derby is about to get under way, all those who have been working for its success are satisfied with the outlook.

Next week, as someone remarked, the whole matter will be up to the fish. Stripers have been in large numbers, and hopes run high. Other sport fish are biting, in case derby entrants wish to try variety in angling while they are on the Island.
The Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club held a meeting last night to lay plans for the club’s entertainment of guests while the derby is on. The Club will hold open house Saturday night and Sunday.

Entries More than Satisfactory

To arrive on Saturday are newsreel cameramen, mainland fishing editors, photographers, and others. The fishermen who have entered, or are planning to enter, will be along from now on. One thing is certain already, Mr. Gouldey said yesterday, and that is that the entries are way ahead of any similar event in this region.
Contestants may enter the derby at any time during the thirty days, but must enter at least twenty-four hours before catching a fish to be considered for a prize. No contestant is eligible for more than one prize in the four general classes. Special classes are open to all who qualify for them.
The four general classes are: surf casting, trolling, bridge or boat (anchored) or hand line, and fiy rod or light rod and tackle.
The rooms of the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club will be open to all during the derby, and the president, Antone B. DeBettencourt, has extend­ed the greetings of the club to arriving fishermen. Daily progress of the der­by will be posted at the club rooms.
The weighing-in hours will be from 8 to 10 a. m. and 8 to 10 p. m.
The list of prizes, complete up to yesterday, but still to be augmented by last minute arrangements, is as follows, according to the official com­pilation of Howard Leonard, secretary of the committee.

$1,000 Prize Tops List

Grand prize, $1,000. The winner of the grand prize will not be eligible for any other general prize, but may win special prizes under the rules.
Surf casting: 1st prize, Westland rod, Perez reel and Ashaway line; 2nd, Montague rod, Penn reel, Ashaway line; 3rd, Montague rod, Hampton Beach reel, Ashaway line; 4th, Monta­gue rod, Penn reel; 5th, Pendleton Glacier Park blanket; 6th, Northeast Airlines, round trip from Boston or New York to the Vineyard; 7th, Castey surf casting reel; 8th, one suit of surf waders; 9th, Hampton Beach reel; 10th, Harlan Major’s Salt Water Fishing Tackle, a book.
Trolling: 1st, Co-R-Lite dinghy; 2nd, Gene Edwards handmade boat rod and Penn reel; 3rd, telescoping handle boat net and one pair Rod and Reel Sport­ing boots; 4th, airplane round trip from New York or Boston to the Vineyard; 5th, Hampton Beach reel.
Bridge or boat (anchored) or hand line: 1st, Ivalite automobile spotlight and a car top carrier; 2nd, Pflueger reel and one pair American Optical sunglasses.
Fly rods or light rods and tackle (not over 6 ounces): 1st, engraved silver trophy bowl and airplane round trip from Boston or New York to the Vine­yard; 2nd, one suit of surf waders and one men’s Archer fishing shirt.
Special prizes are offered as follows.
Non resident of Martha’s Vineyard: 1st, one week July vacation for two persons at Harborside Inn, Edgartown, with all meals, room with private bath, sailboat with skipper, air travel from New York or Boston and return — all­-expense vacation; 2nd, lot of land on Martha’s Vineyard suitable for sports­man’s camp (Henry Cronig).
Veterans: Montague rod, Ocean City reel and line; jigs, and plugs.
Juvenile: to the youngest boy to catch a legal sized striper, Montague rod and Hampton Beach reel; to the youngest girl to catch a legal sized striper, Montague rod and Hampton Beach reel.
Women: Pendleton Glacier Park blanket.

Conservation Prize

Conservation: to the one who catch­es and returns to the water the largest number of stripers in any twenty-four hour period, one witness required, Per­ez reel (Boston Herald-Traveler).
Consolation: to a person catching no fish, to be drawn by lot, a weekend at the Vineyard, all expenses paid; daily consolation prize, one Martin engineered plug.
Not designated: 30 sets Wick-Tails, 1 dozen She Devil plugs, 1 dozen Bar­racudas, 6 ten pound cooked hams, 1 case canned peas, 1 leather cigarette case, 1 dozen Cape Cod spinners, 1 bottle Sandy MacDonald Scotch whis­key, 1 bottle Four Roses and 1 bottle Paul Jones whiskey, 2 bottles Southern Comfort, 3 dozen assorted feather baits, 1 Pflueger Capitol reel, 3 dozen Bucktail lures, 1 leather billfold, and 300 chop sticks.
The list of prizes is subject to change without notice, and additional prizes will be included.