Major Parties Support Him for Congress – Promises End to Segregation

Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York city, and a summer resident of Oak Bluffs, won both the Republican and Democratic nominations for congressman in the 22nd district in New York on Tuesday. He is apparently assured of election as the first Negro representative from New York.

In an interview at his summer home here, Mr. Powell is quoted as saying that he intends to institute impeachment proceedings against members of Congress who may attempt to preach race hatred under the cloak of congressional immunity. Mr. Powell referred to his nomination as a “people's victory” and said it was a further manifestation of the Negro's independence in politics.

Mr. Powell promises his cooperation to all groups, including Communists, “that work for full equality and full democracy for all people.” For party purposes he will identify himself with the Democrats.

Mr. Powell made his campaign for Congress on a platform calling for end of segregation in all branches of the armed forces, the abolition of all restrictive housing covenants, abolition of the poll tax ad white primary, a federal law to end discrimination in interstate transportation, and the continuance and expansion of working opportunities for Negroes.