The Navy has taken a leasehold right for the duration of the war from the commonwealth of Massachusetts and others on that portion of Squibnocket Pond which lies west of a line drawn north and south through the westerly shore of Beachgrass Island, so called. This line is marked by a series of buoys. The area around the pond has been conspicuously posted, warning people off the waters of the pond.

The Navy will use this pond as a practice bombing target area for the training of fleet combat pilots and bombardiers. In the words of Navy spokesmen, it thus has a direct importance to the prosecution of the war. “For this reason,” it is pointed out by the spokesmen, “The Navy feels confident that it can count on the cooperation of the citizens of Martha's Vineyard in keeping the area closed.”

“The only area affected is the pond itself, and no restriction have been placed on the use of any land surrounding the pond by the owners of such land.


Two Types of Bombs


“Only two types of practice bombs will be used on this target area. The first is a small cast iron bomb containing a light charge of black powder, the function of which is to make a puff of smoke so that the bombardier may see and evaluate his hits. These bombs do not explode with any considerable force and are not dangerous to personnel unless they land very close.

“The second type of bomb is water filled and contains no explosive at all. This bursts on impact, throwing a shower of water which is visible from the air. Either of these bombs could kill a person if they struck him directly. It is for this reason that members of the public are urged to stay off the water of the pond to avoid this danger.”