The Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club, more than 200 strong, will report, in case of emergency, as a shotgun brigade, according to a resolution adopted by the club on Wednesday night. The club discussed possibilities of an invasion with grim and practical earnestness before adopting the resolution, taking a report of the arms owned by its membership which consist of at least one shotgun to a man and a number of rifles. Given any sort of break, the club felt that its membership could add considerably to the unpleasant situation of an enemy should one appear.
Plans for the next meeting were completed, this being the occasion of the annual business meeting and election of officers. Supper will be served before the meeting.

From the December 26, 1941 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:


Populace Is Circularized About a Rifle Brigade

The rifle brigade which it is proposed to organize on the Vineyard, to be manned by those below draft age or those past military age, particularly those who may have had military training, is sponsored by Charles Van Ryper and Chester Brennan of Vineyard Haven, M. C. Hoyle of Oak Bluffs and Stephen Gentle.
Circulars have been sent out by this group, explaining the purpose of the brigade, and asking owners of firearms in working order, who are familiar with their use, to register their weapons with the committee and signify whether they are willing to enroll. Upon the response to this appeal rests the organization of the brigade.