Thirty-eight young men registered in Dukes County on Tuesday, in compliance with the selective service act, which required all men to register on this date who have become 21 since the first registration. Of those registered Tuesday, sixteen were non-residents, and twenty-two residents of the county.

The non-residents were allowed, as before, to register wherever they might be, and their cards will be forwarded to the committees in their respective home towns and cities. The list, by towns, was as follows:

Tisbury – 12, 9 resident and 3 non-resident.

Oak Bluffs – 14, 4 resident and 10 non-resident.

Edgartown – 7, 5 resident, 2 non-resident.

West Tisbury – 3, 2 resident, 1 non-resident.

Chilmark – 1 resident.

Gosnold – 1 resident.

Gay Head – none.

In connection with the single registration in the town of Gosnold, it is interesting to note that the boy is a resident of Vineyard Haven, who is working on Cuttyhunk temporarily. Manuel Sardinha, whose card was brought to Vineyard Haven by the coast guard, this being the only way that it could be obtained in time for filing.