Beginning Sunday, Nov. 11, the Island steamboat schedule will be changed to eliminate the trips to and from Edgartown. The last boat in the evening will put into Vineyard Haven and remain there, leaving at 6:10 in the morning as has been the custom.
William A. Smith, superintendent of the line, said the change had been under consideration for a long time. Since the accident to the steamer New Bedford, the Naushon has been on the line and it has been impossible for this largest boat to put into Edgartown. Hence the Naushon has been lying overnight at Vineyard Haven. This arrangement has brought the matter to a head, and the company has decided to make the change definitely in the schedule.
There have been no trips to Edgartown on Fridays and Saturdays since extra trips to the mainland were initiated on these days, to facilitate weekend travel.
Mr. Smith pointed out that virtually no passengers have used the early boat out of Edgartown, or the late boat to Edgartown, since so much time could be saved by going overland to and from Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs. It has been found expedient to carry freight overland, also. Service has been better with the boat staying at Vineyard Haven, the mail and freight reaching Edgartown earlier. There will be no change in the present personnel, Mr. Smith said.
Under the new schedule there will be three boats to and from the Vineyard each day. The early boat will leave directly from Vineyard Haven, the 9 o’clock boat from Oak Bluffs as previously, and the noon boat will arrive at Oak Bluffs as always. The afternoon boats will arrive at Vineyard Haven.
The steamboat line will provide no bus connections to replace the trips now omitted, relying on such connecting trips as may be run privately.
Steamer New Bedford returned to service on Monday for the first time since her accident, and came into Edgartown last night, the last boat to run through before the abandonment of water service to Edgartown.