To Vineyarders the most interesting contribution to a recent symposium on favorite vacation spots published by Vogue is that Mrs. Price Post, who tells of her summer home on Fuller street, Edgartown. An atmospheric little sketch accompanies the contribution which is as follows:
Mrs. Price Post (Emily Post), when New York and the constant professional preoccupation with etiquette begin to oppress her, goes away to a little house on Martha’s Vineyard, I said to myself ‘This sweet town (Edgartown) seems very like the Great Good Place that Henry James once wrote about - the haven of delectable tranquility that all my life I have been searching for.’ Within four weeks, I had bought the sweetest of houses, and that was that! ... The climate is exactly like that on board a ship in mid-ocean. For little children, it is a guarantee of sturdy health. But why I love Edgartown is because it has magnetic charm, felt by every one who goes there, and, second, because it is a place of youth-renewing climate. My one-hundred-and-sixty-year-old house looks all the way out to sea past Nantucket to the Irish coast. It is here I write my daily newspaper syndicated articles during the summer months and store up enough vitality to carry me through a strenuous winter of writing and broadcasting in far-away New York.”