Official notification of their respective appointments as postmaster of Chilmark and West Tisbury have been received by Carl M. Whitkop and Charles A. Turner. Mr. Whitkop’s appointment for Chilmark was dated March 11, while Mr. Turner’s was dated March 19.
It is the present plan of Mr. Turner to move the post office from the building where it is now located, to the store building of the S. M. Mayhew Co., of which he is the proprietor. This plan, if carried out, will put the post office on the bus line and it will no longer be necessary for the carrier to drive the through highway to deliver mail for West Tisbury.
Some of the residents south of Mill Brook, in the vicinity of the present post office site, object to this procedure on the ground that they will be obliged to travel further for their mail, but it is pointed out that those who live north of the brook have always suffered the same inconvenience, which was relieved only by neighborly cooperation in depositing and calling for mail. It has been suggested, therefore, that those who will be most distant from the office, if it is moved, may adopt a similar system for their mutual convenience and comfort.
There will be no change in location of the Chilmark post office, according to Mr. Whitkop, who has announced that it will remain in the store of Benjamin West.