Over 700,000 two and three year seedlings of pine and poplar are to be planted on the State Reservation this summer. The work, which is now in progress, is being done under the state Bureau of Forestry.
The tiny trees are planted in beds at first, and then, as they grow larger and stronger, are transplanted, being placed in spots best calculated to insure rapid and healthy growth.
There are three varieties of the pines, Scotch, Spanish and jack, the greatest number of seedling being of the Scotch variety, about half a million in all. The work of painting and caring for the young trees will keep Mr. Nestle and his workmen busy until October or later.
Mr. Nestle has travelled extensively for the Bureau of Forestry, but states that he prefers New England to any section he has visited. He has not been on the Vineyard long enough to have seen much of the Island or its people, but says that he is sure he is going to become fond of the place. The trip down here was his first on salt water, and the Island steamer was the largest craft he had ever been aboard.