On another page is printed a poem by J. C. A. about the old whaler, Charles W. Morgan, who in her last days is serving the movies in a local color capacity. The following facts about the famous old craft may be of interest:

Built at New Bedford 1840.

Length - 105.6 ft., breadth 27.7, depth 17.6, tonnage 351.

Sailed on her first voyage, to Pacific Ocean, Sept. 4, 1840, Thomas Adams Norton, Edgartown, Master. Arrived home Jan. 1. 1845: 1500 sp., 800 wh., 10,000 lbs bone.

Had made nine voyages up to 1877 - On her fourth was commanded by Capt. Tristram P. Ripley of Edgartown; her fifth by Capt. Thomas N. Fisher, her eighth by Capt. George Athearn, these last named masters also of Edgartown.

One of her most successful voyages was to the North Pacific, when from Oct. 4, 1859, to May 1863, she took 4080 bbls. oil and 23,834 lbs. bone, being commanded by Capt. James A. Hamilton.

This ship was still in service Jan. 1, 1920.