The afternoon of Thursday, June 9, will be pleasantly remembered by the friends of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital who visited and inspected it on that occasion. The committee had the latchstring out and about three hundred visitors were met at the door of the offices and committees whose members have worked hard and inspired others to work. Many brought donations of tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereals, potatoes and other food supplies, which were placed on and about a long table on the side piazza.
Mrs. H. O. Phillips stood near the door with a box. No one was asked for money, but the sight of such a box and the smiling face of the holder was a pleasing reminder of what could be done toward helping the cause along with money gifts. At the close of the afternoon, it was the pleasure that Mrs. Phillips counted out $237.40.
During the day fifteen dollars was the gift of two ladies, Miss Edith Marshall and Mrs. Charles Norton of Oak Bluffs, in memory of a dear mother, and fifty dollars more from a “friend” in memory of a baby girl, to be used for the babies’ room. Donations of five dollars and one dollar received later increased the sum to $343.40 with the promise of one hundred dollars more to come a little later.
Inspection of the rooms seemed to be the first interest of all visitors. The transformation of a dwelling house into a most homelike and pleasant place for the sick was what we saw already accomplished. The result must have been a source of pride to the workers.
After the tour of inspection guests entered the dining room and here were served delicious cakes of Vineyard make and other refreshments. The tea table, with its beautifully embroidered cloth, was a charming picture. Pink and yellow flowers were used to advantage, and there was a handsome silver service. Ladies from the several Vineyard towns poured and young girls served.
The kitchen was a busy place, and the Committee and others kept the water in the tea kettle boiling and cake cut to supply the waiters. All who denied self and worked in the hot kitchen deserve especial thanks from those who enjoyed the result of their labor.
A cool and restful symphony in gray and white, with just the touch of heavenly blue needed obligingly supplied by the rippling water of Vineyard Haven harbor, the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is a delight to the eye. Standing at the top of a gentle rise, overlooking the harbor with its outer walls fresh with white paint, its grounds fragrant with the scent of summer, the old farm house is rejuvenated indeed. Inside the color scheme is the softest and pleasantest tone of gray.
The first floor includes a reception hall, a large private room, a large reception room, the doctor’s office, dining room, kitchen, large pantry and laundry. Upstairs are the operating, the babies’ room, the resident nurse’s room, another private room, and a five bed ward. There are two bathrooms, one upstairs, one down. A large heating plant has been installed, so that the building will be as comfortable in winter as summer.
A large piazza extends around two sides of the house.
Speaking of needs, and of course there are lots of them in a new and expensive project like this, one of the most pressing is a surgical carriage.
The first operation was successfully performed Wednesday morning when Miss Goldrick of Oak Bluffs went under the knife for appendicitis. Dr. Mathewson performed the operation, assisted by Dr. Worth and Dr. Mayhew.