The Arethusa Anchored Off Nomansland is Floating Bar-room


(Special to the Gazette)

Hooch, not home brewed or moonshine distilled, but old fashioned 100 proof, of every conceivable kind, from plain cheap rum to the highest grade of champagne, is being openly sold and in large quantities with 30 miles of Martha's Vineyard.

A two-masted schooner the Arethusa, formerly the largest of the knockabouts of the Gloucester fishing fleet but now said to be sailing under British colors, is anchored some 10 miles southwest of Nomansland and for some time past has been the Mecca of those Vineyard residents and others of the thirsty whose desire for liquid refreshment warrants the long trip to sea. And judging by the amount of business the schooner is doing, their name is Legion.

Any amount of liquor from a drink to 50 cases will be served customers by the obliging crew of the floating bar-room. According to swordfishermen who sail in that vicinity, the Arethusa has been there nearly a month. Her stock is still, however, far from depleted.

Liquor from the vessel has been landed by rum-runners not only in practically all of the towns on the Vineyard, but also the length and breadth of Cape Cod and New Bedford.