Vice President and Mrs. Coolidge and their two sons, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Butler at Mohu, their Lambert's Cove estate, for several days. They left Tuesday. Others in the party at Mohu included Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stearns of Boston, and a member of the secret service.

At his own urgent request there was no public reception of this distinguished guest. His presence on the island was not generally known until he was about to leave. His time was spent on the Butler speed Yacht, Akoar, which brought him over from Woods Hole, in motor trips about the island, when he called on many old friends, and in enjoying the delights of beautiful Mohu. He attended the concert held in Edgartown for the benefit of the Legion and of the Cottage Hospital, at which Mrs. Morgan Butler sang.

The Vice President was greatly pleased by the receipt of the following letter from Edwin D. Vanderhoop, the only Indian who ever served in the Massachusetts legislature.

To His Excellency, The Vice President, Calvin Coolidge, North Tisbury, Mass.

My dear Mr. Coolidge:-

I was so surprised when I cme to the door to see before me The Vice President of the Great United States that I was speechless, to express my pleasure and appreciation by words for the presence of my distinguished guests at my humble home for the inquiry of my health. I am not insensible to the great honor conferred upon just an humble citizen by a call from the Vice President of the United States. I wish to thank you from my heart for the interest you felt in my health so much as to call and see for yourself.

I have watched your political course in State and National affairs for years, or since I had the honor and pleasure of meeting you and believe me I have been pleased to see the comment in the Press and the satisfaction with which the public have approved your Official and even your private acts, and it's my heart's desire that you may continue to serve your people and that 'ere long you will hear their call and come up higher.

Now in conclusion may God in His goodness guide and preserve you and your dear wife and family and that this nation shall be greatly benefitted by Calvin Coolidge having so ably assisted in restoring the government to normal conditions.

I am Pleased to style myself,

Sincerely, etc.

E. D. Vanderhoop

Vice President Calvin Coolidge and Hon. William M. Butler, who is entertaining the Vice-President, called on Ex-Rep. Ulysses E. Mayhew recently. The Vice President and Mr. Mayhew were in the General Court together in 1907 and 1908.