(These stories are genuine tales of the supernatural as related by islanders who had personal contact with them. For obvious reasons the names of the narrators are not given. There is no disposition to vouch for the supernatural elements of the tales: the facts are as given and the explanation may be left to the reader.)

4. The Winged Angel of Lambert's Cove

There is not much to tell of the queer narrative of the winged angel who visited Lambert’s Cove once and has never been seen there since.

Most of the men folks were out in their boats. It was a beautiful sunny day, and not many years ago.

Miss X chanced to look through her kitchen window, and there, floating over the hills of Lambert’s Cove, was a vision. A beautiful woman in diaphanous ropes and with a dazzling pair of gauze-like wings was hovering, settling gently through the clear air.

As Mrs. X looked, the angel-like creature drifted up over the green hills like some extraordinarily graceful bird, infinitely beautiful and gentle in motion. Then the apparition disappeared beyond the hills.

Although she saw it for a few brief moments, Mrs. X was sure her sense did not deceive her. She had time to rub her eyes, to make sure she was awake, and to notice a great many details about the apparition. Why should it come to her, and to her alone, she could not say.

It may be added that Mrs. X was not prone to fancy, but rather she was a particularly matter-of-fact person.