To the Editor of the Vineyard Gazette:

The following, somewhat in line with the tales of the supernatural recently appearing in the Gazette, was told to the writer, a few years ago, by a resident of Gay Head, and is given for the benefit of others interested in the folklore of the Island.

Once upon a time there were two Indian wizards, who were rivals, each claiming to be more powerful than his fellow. One lived at the Head, the other near Menemsha. One day the wizard from the Head went to visit him from Menemsha and, as it drew toward night, said he must go home. His host urged him to remain longer but he declined, saying that he had no horse and a long way to go. “Then,” said the Menemsha wizard, “I’ll give you a horse.” Taking a piece of wood and standing it up beside the entrance to the wigwam, he added, “There is your horse, get up and ride.” The visitor mounted the stick, which at once turned into a noble steed and bore him swiftly home.

Shortly afterwards, the magician of Menemsha returned the other’s visit and when he was ready to leave the latter said, “I am not so powerful as you, I cannot give you a horse, but I will give you a cane to help you on your way.” A moonbeam was shining through a crevice, onto the side of the wigwam, and as he spoke, he walked up and measured a suitable length, which he cut off and handed to his rival, who exclaimed, “You are greater than I, to have power over the moonbeams.”