Representatives of the Vineyard Libraries met at the Oak Bluffs Library on April 21st for the purpose of forming a collection of Vineyard literature for use by the County’s Public Libraries. The Committee organized as follows: President, Mr. Marshall Shepard; Editor, Dr. Charles E. Banks; Treasurer, Mr. Walter Ripley; Secretary, Mrs. Johnson Whiting.
It was further voted to form an organization to be known as the “Dukes County Public Library Trustee’s Association,” composed of the Trustees and Directors of the Country’s Public Libraries. The Association will meet once or twice a year for the purposes of reviewing the Island’s Library work, recommending such extensions as seems desirable. Officers of the Association were nominated, subject to their voted acceptance by each of the Island’s Public Libraries at the next meetings of their officials.
The “Committee on Vineyard Bibliography” will proceed at once to collect the writings, books, etc., of every subject of interest relating to the Vineyard. The resulting collection will constitute a free reference library of all matters pertaining to the Island. The collection will then be moved from one Vineyard Library to another in order to be freely accessible to all the Island’s inhabitants, whose fullest interest and support will be required for the successful accomplishment of such an interesting and valuable work.
Those who desire to support and forward this undertaking may do so by taking their books, pamphlets, newspapers, scrap-books, pictures and manuscripts of Island interest to the nearest Public Library requesting the Librarian to turn them to the “Committee on Vineyard Bibliography.” Manuscripts will be returned after copying unless marked, “Presented.”
Lists of works desired will be printed in the Island’s newspapers as also a list of the names of those who contribute in any form to this public endeavor.