The Mercantile Wrecking Co., of New Bedford, of which Barney Zeitz is the proprietor and with whom is associated Jacob Dreyfus & Sons, large wholesale merchants of Boston, and Michael J. Leahey of New Bedford, has been awarded the contract for removing the American cargo in the British steamer Port Hunter, which lies sunk on Hedge Fence shoal in Vineyard Sound.
The cargo to be removed for the American government by New Bedford contracting concern is valued at $3,800,000 by the government. It is estimated that of this amount the amateur salvage operators have removed goods to the value of probably $200,000.
There is another concern, the Stonington Wrecking Co., which has the contract for the removal of the French cargo, which consists of car parts and steel billets and lying at the bottom of the American cargo on each of the three decks.