Mrs. W. O. Pinkham is to speak next Sunday in Edgartown, before the Men’s Club at the Congregational church in the afternoon on Suffrage, and in the evening at the regular church meeting at which she will speak upon “The Relation of Religion to Suffrage.”

Mrs. Wenona Osborne Pinkham is the State Organizer of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. She is a native of Colorado and was educated in the Denver public schools, Denver Normal school and Denver University, graduating from the latter institution four years ago. She taught for some time in the Denver High School. Mrs. Pinkham was prominent in the club life of Denver.

She did a great deal of social uplift work in the foreign quarters of that city and for some time was the President of the Board of Directors of the North Side Neighborhood House, one of the best known settlement houses in Denver.

Mrs. Pinkham, when she became of age, went to the polls with her mother and father and enjoyed with other Colorado women the full right of suffrage. Later she went to the polls with her mother, father, husband and brother.

A couple of years ago she came to Massachusetts with her husband whose work was transferred here. The crossing of State lines disfranchised Mrs. Pinkham. In Colorado the vote was virtually her birthright for women granted full suffrage in that State a score of years ago.

Her disfranchisement caused her to register a vow not to rest until the women of her adopted State are allowed to vote just as are the women of her native state. Mrs. Pinkham, who is anything but a militant, is a splendid speaker.