Miss Helena L. Athearn of Oak Bluffs is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Athearn.
West Tisbury people seem to be making changes this spring. Mr. Fred B. Athearn who has been employed as clerk in the store of G. G. Gifford has left for other employment. Mr. Walter I. Jenny has finished clerking the store of S. M. Mayhew & Co. Mr. Charles Turner of Bryantville and Mr. Benjamin Woodeman from Cambridge, have bought out the business of S. M. Mayhew and Co., and will carry on the same at the old site under the name of S. M. Mayhew & Co.
Mr. Luther Norton contemplates making improvements on what was once the David Look homestead.
Mrs. Jane K. Smith has gone to Vineyard Haven to visit Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hancock.
Mr. Gould, having been the guest of Rev. and Mrs. T. M. Davis has returned to Brookline.
Miss Mabel Bodfish from Vineyard Haven is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Campbell.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Walker and little daughter from Edgartown have been recent guests of Mrs. Mary Cleaveland and Miss Alla Cleaveland.
Carl Lair from Vineyard Haven visited his mother, Mrs. Fannie Smith, on the first of the week.
Mrs. Brown from Edgartown, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Look.
The Grange meeting on Monday was a very interesting affair. The Lecturer’s hour was well filled with a debate on “Resolved, That Woman is more Inquisitive than Man.” Negative, Mrs. Ellsworth West, Miss Zilpha Donaldson. Affirmative, Mr. G. G. Gifford, Mrs. Leroy Thompson. The negatives one. The papers read were considered excellent on both sides. Quotations by the Grange. Miss Pierce gave the name of five books and why she thought them good.
Mrs. Emma Higgins has moved into the chambers of Mr. Wm. West’s house.
Mrs. George Hunt Luce has gone to the mainland.