On Sunday night the Postoffice building at West Tisbury was burned to the ground. The fire was caused by an overheated chimney in an ell of the main building, Mr. James P. West and family occupying this tenement. Mrs. P. L. Cleveland occupied another part of the building, while the postoffice was on the lower floor. All the government property of the value was saved. Mrs. Cleveland wishes to thank all the kind neighbors and friends who so bravely assisted her at the time of the fire, and she assures them their efforts are greatly appreciated.
The fire loss on the Postoffice building was about $1200, with minor losses for the occupants of the same. The losses are total as there is no insurance. Mrs. F. A. Look and Mrs. James A. Mayhew were the owners of the building, which was a landmark in West Tisbury. It was built by Henry Ripley and Jos. T. Pease about 70 years ago. It was a two story building and in a good state of repair.
The postoffice is temporarily located at the office of Dr. Fairchild.

From the May 20, 1909 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

The West Tisbury post office is about to be rebuilt, on the old site of the burned one. Tuesday the sound of the hammer was heard and a good beginning has been made towards rebuilding our office.

From the July 1, 1909 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

Mrs. P. L. Cleveland has moved into the Bungalow which was built on the site of the Postoffice which was burned on March 28th.
The new postoffice was opened for business on Monday, June 28th. It is large and commodious, and is an attractive public place.