R. G. Shute, image #255
Courtesy of the Martha's Vineyard Museum
The Harbor View will open June 20, under its former manager, F. A. Douglas, of Winthrop. An addition is being built to the northeast side, which will enlarge the dining-room to about twice its former size, and will give a seating capacity of 120 persons. The piazzas are also being carried around the dining-room extension. The former small dining-room will be used for a ladies’ writing and reading room. John L. Mayhew, of the owners, has the improvements in charge, and the work is being pushed forward by a force of carpenters from Cottage City.

From the June 25, 1896 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

Hotel Harbor View opened this week, again under the popular management of Mr. F. A. Douglas of Winthrop. Guests have already commenced to arrive.

From the July 30, 1896 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:

The Harbor View halls, piazzas and grounds present an animated appearance now each evening, as its hundred and more guests while away the summer hours, some with cards, some in social chat, the elderly gentlemen with Havanas discussing the political outlook, while the strains of music call the younger people to the enlarged dining-room to trip the light fantastic toe. A week at the Harbor View is said to be one long day of comfort and content. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas are to be congratulated on the popularity which the hotel has attained under their management.