Mr. J. R. Kendrick, General Manager of the Old Colony Railroad, and other officials of that road, visited the Island last Monday, and he is now general manager of the Vineyard road, having taken possession of the property in behalf of the trustees, Messrs. Chas. F. Choate and Frederick L. Ames.

The road was built in 1874, and the capital stock was $40,000, and mortgage bonds for an equal amount are held by the Old Colony Railroad Co. It is claimed the interest has not been paid for some time, and during last year the old management, commonly known as the Carpenter administration, was ousted by what was claimed to be rather sharp practice on the part of the new, or Abbott, management.

The Railroad Commissioners were called upon some months since to investigate the affairs of the road, but no report has yet been rendered, and the trustees decided to take possession of the property under the terms of the mortgage.

Mr. Kendrick stated Tuesday that he should probably continue to operate the road as had been done in the past, though no detailed plans had been decided upon.