This new summer resort located at West Chop is very beautifully situated on the shores of Vineyard Haven harbor and Vineyard sound, but a few minutes ride from the village of Vineyard Haven. The gentlemen who have undertaken this new enterprise are men of ample means and business ability; they are spending a large amount of money for the development of the property question. Among the improvements already made might be mentioned the building of a large and substantial wharf into the waters of Vineyard Sound. The clearing up of large tracts of land by removing the underbrush from the groves of pine and oak. These natural groves give the place a romantic appearance. The laying out of cottage lots about two hundred or more. The locating of parks, streets and avenues. There have been built three observatories which command the finest possible views of Vineyard Sound and the passing fleets of vessels and crafts coming from every quarter of the globe. A fine view can also be obtained of the main land and of the famous Elizabeth Islands just across the sound. Some of the improvements which are contemplated, and the work on which will be begun at once, are the building of three fine cottages and a hotel. Other improvements are also proposed which will be pushed when Spring opens. The works of the Vineyard Haven Water Company will doubtless be extended to “Tashmoo” by the laying of the water mains to the property in questions. The contractor and builder F. B. McCabe, of Somerville, is already here, with a part of his workmen to build the new buildings. Some of the lumber will be discharged at the Tashmoo wharf as soon as the weather will permit. One vessel has already arrived with building materials. The hotel will be located near the head of the Tashmoo wharf. The cottages will occupy a position a little farther to the east. A plan of the property has just been published and the Gazette reporter saw it. John H. Crowell of Vineyard Haven was the surveyor and Charles E. C. Breck of Boston was the landscape engineer. It includes all the property formerly owned by the old-time West Chop Land Company (which has been also cleared and divided into lots) and another large tract in the vicinity of the new wharf just built. There are in all about two hundred as fine cottage lots as can be found for building purposes in any summer resort in New England. The names of some of the principal avenues are as follows: Miantonomo, Quiusigamond, Massasoit, Agawam, Naumkeag, Waronoco, Metacomet, Montauk. The names of the principal streets are Minnesota, Adriondack, Cherokee, Mohawk, Genesse, Cohasset.