Today the Gazette comes before you under a new management. In assuming the responsibility of publishing the same we feel that we are accepting a public trust, which can be held only so long as we can fill it acceptably to the people of this town and county. This feeling comes to us when we remember how, week after week for many years, the paper has come to your firesides, until the people have learned to look upon it as one of the veteran institutions of the Island, to be sustained and supported accordingly. In the long array of clear heads and steady hands that have guided the paper through its career of more than forty years, from the time of that experienced publisher, its founder, Edgar Marchant, down through the long line of able writers to the accomplished gentleman and scholar who has so recently given up the helm, the Gazette has always been in good hands, and the present management, fully realizing the many trials and vexations, great and small, incident to a publisher’s career, are persuaded that if hard work and a strong desire to put before you such a paper as shall please you can make our success, that our object will be attained and we shall be satisfied. We wish our readers, one and all, health and prosperity.

We hope all our friends will remember that anything in the way of local news items, reminiscences, or communications on any subject which will tend to the welfare and prosperity of Edgartown and the whole island, will be gladly received. If you see or hear of anything that you thing worth publishing, especially of a local nature, don’t forget the Gazette.

Our readers will pardon us if they find the task an easy one of digesting all the contents of the paper this week. Our welcome “home” again has been so cordial and so many kindly things have been said to us, words of encouragement and goodwill, that we are more or less “broke up,” as it were, and find it somewhat hard to get down to business. But in the weeks to come we shall try our best to keep the Gazette from receding from the high position it has always maintained, knowing full well that hard work is before us, but relying upon the forbearance of our readers to overlook all that in any way fails to approach the standard to which we aim - a live local paper.