Capt. William Lewis has sold to a syndicate of Boston gentlemen all the land, wharf property, &c., of the West Point Land Co., on West Chop, Martha’s Vineyard. This land was purchased by Capt. Lewis some 12 or 15 years ago and improvements made to the extent of several thousand dollars. Avenues were laid out, a wharf was built and the land was plotted for cottage lots, but the boom at Cottage City at that time diverted attention from this fine locality. The purchasers are heavy men and include William Minot, Stephen Weld and Francis Peabody.
These men have also purchased the land adjoining, from Benjamin H. Waite and others of this city, the whole extent of the purchases comprising upwards of one hundred acres.
The island steamers pass in full view of this property and its beauty is often admired by the passengers to and fro. Work is to be commenced immediately in improving it. Hotels will be built, water, gas and electric lights established and all the modern conveniences of a first class water place will be introduced without delay. Water will be brought from Tashmoo pond, some two miles away. Preparations for the introduction of water have already commenced.
There is deep water at the wharf and steamers of any size can make landing there, the weather at no time interfering with them.
From present appearances it looks as if another watering place of no small magnitude will soon be numbered among the numerous favorite Vineyard summer resorts. - [N.B. Mercury.