Cottage CIty Star, 11 June 1884
Mr. F. O. Gordon of New York, is to erect a carousel at the rear of the skating rink. The pavilion will contain not only the revolving horses, but will be fitted up as a first-class place for affording light entertainment.

From the June 25, 1884 edition of the Cottage City Star:

Cottage CIty Star, 25 June 1884
The Carousel, now in process of erection, will be a building of considerable consequence. It is to be 60x38 feet on the ground and 17 1/2 feet post. Its foundation is of brick.


From the July 23, 1884 edition of the Cottage City Star:

Cottage City Star, 23 July 1884
Every child under fifteen years of age who wants a free ride on the flying horses at the Carousel, is invited by Mr. L. B. Loder to meet him at the Tabernacle next Saturday at 1 o’clock, sharp.