Mr. E. C. Cornell, who spent the night of Friday last, with a companion at the Caleb’s Pond herring fishery, relates the following:

“Looking across the harbor in a south-west direction, at about midnight, there appeared midway of the plain an apparently well defined, square edged shaft of red-hot iron, which issued from the ground and ascended for about half a mile, at which elevation it remained for the space of about two seconds, and then vanished without explosion or other manifestation. In about three or four seconds a second shaft, a perfect duplicate of the former, appeared, differing only in that it went up less than two thirds as high as the other, vanishing as before. This was followed by an illumination below, proceeding from no visible cause. It was raining slightly at the time, and pitch dark, except during the occurrence described, when the whole vicinity was brilliantly illuminated, so that woods and buildings were distinctly visible.”