The dedicatory services at the new Baptist Temple on Vineyard Highlands Sunday morning, were very successful. Despite the unpleasant weather the friends of the Baptist denomination gathered in large numbers, and some two thousand people were present at the opening services, among them eighty prominent divines.
The introductory services were conducted by Rev. R. G. Seymour of Boston. Mr. J. E. Simonds led the singing and Mrs. Simonds presided at the organ.
E. G. Lamson of Shelbourne Falls, Vt., President of the Baptist Vineyard Association, made a statement with reference to the construction of the temple. Its total cost, including all the furnishings, is $3187, and it was desired to raise $2,000 to remove all encumbrances. Subscriptions were called for by Rev. Mr. Seymour. Five one hundred dollar pledges were given, six fifties, and nine twenty-fives, and then tens and fives, and a collection was also taken making the total amount raised $1367.60, at the announcement of which the applause was great, and enthusiasm high.
Afterwards eloquent and powerful addresses were delivered by Rev. D. C. Eddy, D. D., upon “Victory,” and Rev. O. H. Tiffany, D. D., of the M. E. Church, upon the subject “Unity.” The prayer of dedication and consecration was offered by Rev. Dr. Warren of Boston. The interesting services of the morning closing with singing and the benediction.
In the afternoon Rev. Dr. Crane of Boston, was announced to preach, and in the evening Rev. T. H. Pattison of New Haven, Ct.
The morning prayer-meeting of Monday was held at the Temple at 9 o’clock, led by Rev. C. H. Spaulding of Arlington, Mass., the meeting continuing an hour and a half.
At three o’clock a large audience gathered to listen to a sermon from Rev. Dr. Lincoln, of Newton Theological Seminary, who took for his text Luke XII, 32: “Fear not, little flock, it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
The afternoon prayer meeting was led by Rev. J. C. Emery of Amsterdam, N. Y., and Rev. F. B. Dickinson of Boston was the preacher of the evening.
Tuesday afternoon, Rev. G. W. Gardner, D. D. of Cleveland, Ohio, preached an able discourse, and in the evening an interesting sermons was delivered by Rev. Dr. Jeffreys of Brooklyn. Rev. O. P. Gifford of Pittsfield, preached in the evening.
The attendance is very large, averaging nearly 3000 persons daily.
There will be a praise meeting this (Thursday) evening, preceding the usual exercises.