At a meeting of the associate subscribers to stock to form a corporation, to be called the Martha’s Vineyard Railroad Company, Feb. 24, 1874, Samuel Osborn, Jr., was chosen Chairman, and Shubael L. Norton, Secretary.

Voted, To elect a committee of three, to nominate temporary directors of said company. N. M. Jernegan, E. Marchant and G. N. Collins were elected.

The following named persons were reported for said directors and elected, viz: - E. P. Carpenter, Laban Pratt, Samuel Osborn, Jr., Shubael L. Norton, William Wing, G. N. Collins, N. M. Jernegan, Richard Holley, Joel H. Hills.

Voted, To adopt as name of this corporation, “Martha’s Vineyard Railroad Company.”

Voted, That the northern terminus be at or near the Oak Bluffs, and the southern at Katama.


At a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors, S. Osborn, Jr., in the chair, G. N. Collins was elected clerk of the Directors, by ballot, and sworn to the faithful discharge of his duties.

E. P. Carpenter was elected President, and Joseph T. Pease, Treasurer.

Voted, To instruct the clerk to cause a copy of the articles of association to be published in the Vineyard Gazette, in Dukes County, once a week for three successive weeks, and cause a copy of said articles to be posted in the post-office in said Edgartown at least three weeks before proceeding to fix the route of said road.

Voted, That S. Osborn, Jr., N. M. Jernegan and Laban Pratt, be appointed a committee to engage an engineer to make plans, maps and estimates of the proposed route, and secure the right of way, so far as they can, and report.