Our little boat has now been performing duty upon her route for one week, and we can confidently state that the public, generally, are satisfied with her accommodations. Although a “little boat,” and, perhaps will be many times during two months of the coming season over-burdened, yet taken throughout all the year, for all practical purposes, she will be found to be a “love of a boat.” Her commander, Capt. John L. Gibbs, pronounces her to be a good seaboat, and one that will do good service for the Vineyard people. But in future time should it be demonstrated by the traveling public that a larger boat is needed, such a change will be made. We have long suffered for a regular and speedy communication with the Main, and although sorely discomforted, the people held aloof from any attempt to procure such coveted means of travel; but, at last, a few have come forward, having a small capital, and purchased a small boat, and now let us counsel the people, more especially those who have groaned at the retrograde movement upon stage coached and yet would give no aid to obtain even a “small boat,” to be satisfied at this our first step of progression, and, at not a long time hence, we may make another advancement. The prospectus of the Helen Augusta may be found in another column.