The approaching campaign at Wesleyan Grove is so full of matters of interest to readers far and near that we are induced to publish a daily paper, to be called the Camp Meeting Herald, which will contain a concise report of all transactions upon the ground; a brief report of all sermons, a historical sketch of the prominent itinerant clergymen, and all local items. Within this sheet the reader will find a perfect transcribe of each day upon the camp ground. It cannot fail to interest you. Send in your subscriptions.
Advertisers will find this the best chance ever known to make people acquainted with themselves and their business. It will be read by thousands of people. Every man who does not buy it will borrow of his neighbor. Send in your advertisements at the office of the Vineyard Gazette.
The subscribers of the Gazette will be generous with us, while the pressure of a daily paper, for the campaigners, bears upon us.