THE NEW COUNTY ROAD, between Edgartown and Holmes Hole, is in a good state of forwardness; that portion lying within the Tisbury boundary, we believe, is entirely completed. We passed over the road a day or two since, and are free to confess that we consider this the greatest improvement to locomotion ever made on the island. Through a considerable portion of the route, the road is already as hard and as handsomely finished as any turnpike we ever passed over. There are some portions, to be sure, where improvements are yet needed; but from the commendable spirit of rivalry which exists among the contractors, we doubt not these will be made before the 21st inst., when the whole route, according to the contract, is to be completed.

Great care has been taken on portions of the route where the snow is apt to drift badly, to make the road so much higher than the general level of the earth, as to prevent the track from being banked; even when the snow may fall to a depth or two or three feet.

Too much praise cannot be awarded to many of the contractors, for their manly and persevering determination to make a road every way acceptable to the Commissioners and the public, notwithstanding the stubborn fact, that a portion of those employed will not clear over 59 cents per day for their labor.

When this road is completed, we may look for an earlier arrival of the mail, and a more extended intercourse, both social and commercial, with our sister town.