Jack Blake, one of several oyster farmers on Katama Bay. Mark Lovewell

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Vineyard’s coastal ponds have a wide variety of uses. Shell fishermen make a living from growing or harvesting oysters, bay scallops and other shellfish in them. Fishermen flock to their shores. Pond wildlife is studied by scientists from near and far. Children search for fish or catch their first crabs in the shallows. And on any given summer day the ponds are filled with people. Some take to the water on kayaks, paddle boards, sailboats or kiteboards, while others bring binoculars in pursuit of the best bird sightings. Still others come with a beach towel for a quick dip at the end of a summer day. In winter the ponds are used by hardy souls for ice fishing, skating and ice boating.

Coastal Ponds Under Pressure


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