Subscriptions and Delivery

Q: Do I need a subscription to access all the content on
A: No. We have opted to keep the website open so anyone interested in our news can read it regardless of ability to pay. However, we ask those who access our news online regularly to become a Friend of the Vineyard Gazette. The suggested contribution is $100.00 per year. 

 Q: How do I change my address or put a temporary hold on delivery of my newspaper?

A: Simply use this change of address form. Note that we need at least one week’s notice to ensure that your newspaper reaches your new address.

Q: Where do I report problems with my home delivery?
A: Please email us at with as many specifics as possible, or call us at 508-627-4311, ext. 125.

Online Access

Q: How often is your website updated?

A: The Vineyard Gazette website is updated continuously as news breaks and new information becomes available. Some feature stories and other information that appears regularly in the print newspaper are added to the site late Thursdays.

Q: Is all the content from the print edition of the Vineyard Gazette available online?
A: Almost all of the content from the print edition is available online. Exceptions include certain advertisements, puzzles, and other third-party content that we are not contractually permitted to post online. The online edition also includes additional content that, for space reasons, never appears in print.


Q: How do I report breaking news or suggest an idea for a news story?
A: During regular business hours, you can call us at 508-627-4311, or please email us anytime at

Q: How do I send in a letter to the editor, an obituary, or offer a general suggestion or comment?
A: Use these easy contact forms to send information or comments to the Gazette, or email us at

Q: What does it cost to have an obituary in the Gazette?
A. The Gazette considers obituaries of individuals with Island connections to be community news and never charges to have them appear. However, we reserve the right to edit them for style and length. 

Q: How do I report an error in the newspaper?
A: The Gazette makes every effort to be accurate, but occasionally mistakes get by us. If you see an error in the newspaper or on our website, please email and we will correct it.

Q: How do I reach a town columnist?
A: Our town columnists work from home and prefer to be reached by personal email or phone number. Their contacts are listed under each town columnist’s name in the print edition of the Gazette and on the town pages of our website.

Classified Advertising

Q: How do I place a classified ad?
A:  It’s easy to place a classified advertisement by using our Online Classified Form. If you have a question, please email us at

Q: If I place a classified ad in print does it also go online?
A: Yes. When you place a classified advertisement in the Vineyard Gazette, it appears online for a week and in that week’s print edition.

Q: When are the classified ads updated online?
A: Classified advertisements are posted online as we receive them. We make every effort to get them online quickly and not later than the end of the next business day after they are sent in.

Q: Can I change or cancel my classified ad after I’ve placed it?
A: Yes, corrections, changes and cancellations can be made by sending an email  to

Q: How do I access classified ads that were published previously?
A: Classified ads that have been discontinued are removed from our website and not maintained in any online archive. To find a classified advertisement that was published previously, please visit your public library’s periodical archive for a copy of our print edition.