No Backup Is Plan: Voice Behind Stars Goes Solo

It’s fair to say millions, possibly even billions, more people have heard Arnold McCuller than have heard of Arnold McCuller.

If you’ve heard the music of Phil Collins, or Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Beck — the list goes on and on — you’ve heard Mr. McCuller.

Jazz Musicians Share Key Language

A group of Island musicians was in the key of comfort Friday night at Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs, mixing old school tunes with a little new school funk. The Martha’s Vineyard Jazz Quintet was performing together for the first time. The group is a mix of jazz cats young and old — the three members of the Vineyard high school group Ramblin’ Tides and three members of the Brian King Nelson Sextet. Different ages, same passion.

Melting Pot Mashup: Kosher Gospel

For Joshua Nelson, sing unto the lord a new song is more than just a commandment. The Isaiah 42:10 verse is a challenge for him and all Jews to continue to bring something new to the table.

Kosher gospel music is just that.

The words together may seem strange at first, but then Mr. Nelson, the self-proclaimed prince of kosher gospel, explains how pairing soulful music with Hebrew prayers gives Judaism a new layer.

Hot Tin Roof Fired Up Again, Next Generation Leads the Way

For musician Ben Taylor, the Hot Tin Roof legacy is an unfinished song. The lyrics tell a story — since 1979 so many rock and roll, blues, funk, hip-hop, bluegrass, and folk greats have walked through the doors of the Vineyard nightclub at the airport.

Now Mr. Taylor and the current owners of the nightclub, which is now named Nectar’s, say there is one more verse to write.

Debut Comes All in Good Time For Soulful Songwriter Ollie Childs

It was hard to believe the witty and talented musician who played at the Yard last Tuesday night to promote the release of his first CD heard his own music on the radio for the first time that very morning. The artist, Ollie Childs, and his wife and manager, Alix, had been out driving around the Island when WMVY radio debuted a song from All in Good Time.

It was an emotional moment for the young couple, and, as Mr. Childs put it, quite “surreal.”

Come Sing a Song With Your Neighbors

Eleven-year-old Sophie Donohue doesn’t have far to travel for the Community Sing each week. During the summer she lives with her family in the Oak Bluffs Camp Ground. Sophie’s Vineyard experience could be described as a time to swim, sail and, of course, sing.

On Wednesday, July 20, at the third Community Sing of the summer, Sophie mingled with the crowd. “I’m waiting for my friends,” she explained. “We come every week to sing together.”

Oooh La La! Glamorous Grace Potter And Her Nocturnals to Rock the Rock

Did you hear that hold music?” Grace Potter spurts as she’s patched through for an interview. “Disney’s flavor-of-the-day hold music Some weird reggae macho music! Wow!”

One Way Ticket, Yeah

One Way Ticket, Yeah

On Oct. 23 the Beatles are coming to the Vineyard. And you thought their debut at Shea Stadium was monumental.

For those worried, or excited, about ghostly visages, the folks playing the music will not be the Fab Four but rather local Island musicians who call themselves the Daytrippers. But close your eyes and it may truly be John, George, Paul and Ringo you hear.

Bee Eaters Make Some Musical Honey

The name conjures up many questions but few answers; the Bee Eaters. What that means is anybody’s guess. What they do, however, is on the record.

The Bee Eaters are rocking musicians who trace their roots back to Celtic, jazz, bluegrass and old-time flavor. They have been called “bodaciously brilliant” by well tuned listeners. Renowned bassist Edgar Meyer enthused that the experience is “a joy to hear both the exploration of this music.. and the emphasis on the simple beauty of the acoustic instruments.”

Concert Benefits Plants and Animals

Concert Benefits Plants and Animals

Mezzo-soprano opera singer Lia Kahler-Littlefield and pianist Richard Gordon are coming to the Island to perform a benefit concert entitled, Songs for My Father. Ms. Kahler is dedicating the concert of songs and arias about flowers, plants and animals to the memory of her father, Albert Littlefield, who was born and grew up on what is now the Polly Hill Arboretum.

The concert benefits both the arboretum and the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard.