Oak Bluffs Leaders Back Moped Laws

Convinced there's no way to make rental mopeds safe on the Vineyard, Oak Bluffs selectmen this week threw their support behind proposed state legislation that would require anyone renting a moped to have a motorcycle license.

Seven Owners Control Mopeds

There's money to be made in moped rentals on Martha's Vineyard, but just a handful of people are counting the cash - seven shop owners and four landlords, to be exact.

Town Leaders Wrestle with Mopeds

Promising to show moped dealers no mercy this summer, Oak Bluffs selectmen have begun to toughen up moped bylaws, adding new language that will increase licensing fees, set higher penalties for violations and establish a minimum height limit for child passengers.

Moped Crash Tells Sad Tale Months Later: Wife of Victim Recounts Nightmare

Moped dealers like to look at the numbers this way: Of the thousands of people who rent mopeds every season, only a few end up crashing.

Hospital Reports Decline in Moped Accidents; Fewer Vendors, Tighter Laws Explain Trend

Oak Bluffs had fewer mopeds and fewer dealers renting them this year. Now the hospital is reporting fewer people ending up in the emergency room after crashing a moped.

Oak Bluffs Leaders Ask for Moped Cuts

Voters in Oak Bluffs could put a significant dent in the number of mopeds rented in their town if they back a tough proposal put forth by selectmen. At a special town meeting on June 18, residents will be asked to approve a bylaw that would cut down the number of moped dealer licenses issued each year from seven to five.

Swapping Mopeds for Liquor License: Businessman Makes Deal in Oak Bluffs

Here's the trade. A moped dealer who controls two rental outlets in Oak Bluffs is offering to shut down one moped shop. In exchange, he wants town officials to hand him a liquor license and a sewer permit for a new restaurant near the harbor.

Mopeds Off-Season: They're Useful, Cheap - but ON Chilly Side

Mopeds Off-Season: They're Useful, Cheap - but on Chilly Side


Manuel Suza just ordered a fill-up at deBettencourt's gas station in Oak Bluffs and only had to shell out $1.66. No wonder he was still smiling.

His rig barely uses any fuel, but it comes with a price. It's a moped, and he's riding the thing in 35 degree weather. That explains the thickly-insulated coveralls and ski gloves.

Mr. Suza is one of a handful of hearty Islanders who rely on a vehicle that would hardly win a popularity contest on the Vineyard.

Largest Moped Agency Fails to Meet Deadline for Renewal of License

Largest Moped Agency Fails to Meet Deadline for Renewal of License


After more than a year of tough talk about enforcing moped regulations and showing scofflaw dealers no mercy, Oak Bluffs is now giving a break to two brothers who own the biggest fleet of mopeds in town.

Better Direction in Moped News: Accident Totals Continue to Fall

Joanne Nutting is one of the 27 people who crashed a moped on the Vineyard last year and ended up in the emergency room at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.