Kevin Box Makes Debut at Dragonfly

Santa Fe sculptor Kevin Box and his wife and business partner, Jennifer Cady Box, will be on hand to greet visitors at the Dragonfly Fine Arts Gallery during the Oak Bluffs Arts District Stroll on Saturday, July 9 from 4 to 7 p.m.

Mr. Box celebrates the delicate nature of paper through sculptures that are first created in paper and ultimately cast in museum-quality bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Painting With a Pro

Painting With a Pro

It’s a painting party! Artists all are welcome to join esteemed acrylics painter Debra Bretton Robinson as she paints en plein air (outdoors, from life) on North Water street in Edgartown across from the lighthouse next week, July 11 to 15, 9 a.m. to noon.

It’s BYOP (bring your own box of paints) but this can be a spectator sport too —the public is invited to join her by painting with her or by simply viewing the process as she paints.

Ovid Osborn Ward Painting Highlights National Exhibit

A recent painting by Ovid Osborn Ward entitled Windswept has been accepted in the National Exhibit, hosted by the Cape Cod Art Association located at 3480 Route 6A in Barnstable, Mass. The show is a juried exhibit of works in various mediums created by artists from across the United States. It runs from July 14 through August 15. The opening reception is July 9 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Old Sculpin Art Gallery Baits Hook with Fish Print

To make a gyotaku fish print an artist also needs to be a man of the sea. Not old mind you, but definitely experienced in the both the art of surfcasting as well as the brush. Steve London is such a man.

First Mr. London catches the fish. Then he inks the fish and presses it into mulbery fiber paper called unryu, keeping alive the art form he learned from a Japanese master. The results of this craftmanship will be on display from July 2 through 8 at the Old Sculpin Gallery located on Dock street in Edgartown next to the Chappy ferry.

Landscape Artistry

Landscape Artistry

Shaw Cramer Artists Bring Island Home

It’s summertime and Martha’s Vineyard looks like one big landscape oil painting. Simply perfect and bursting with both subtle shades and vibrant colors. Shame the Island is too big to pop in the trunk of the car and take home to remember such perfection all winter long. We have tried, but no go, even with one of those clamshells on the roof-rack. Chappy keeps blowing off midway home and ending up in the tall weeds somewhere off 95.

Students Shine at Old Sculpin Reception

The Old Sculpin Gallery was full of lively energy and a crowd of people on Sunday. It was the show for the scholarship winners of the Martha’s Vineyard Arts Association.

This year’s winners are Isaac Hurwitz and Kira Shipway; the alternate is Tova Katzman.

Each of the three recent high school graduates presented an impressive array of work, stretching across mediums and subject matters.

Suspense Builds in Artist’s Early Scenes

At first you can’t tell what the paintings are. Then you notice the gruesome red spot on one, the shape of a head on the second, the bodily form lying there on the third; three paintings playing with your perception of a man who has been shot in the head.

The artist is Walker Roman, 21, who is one of four featured artists at Shephard Fine ArtSpace’s show that opened last Saturday.

Hey, Sports Fans! Meet Your Artist

We often equate artists with one distinct style. But John Holladay, originally from the Midwest and for many years now a resident of Vineyard Haven, paints and illustrates with so much versatility, he’s impossible to pigeon- hole.

And yet one of his hugely successful, largely unknown artistic endeavors is now being celebrated at the Louisa Gould Gallery on Main street, Vineyard Haven. From 1980 to 2000 he was licensed to paint the official artwork for NBA, NFL and college sports teams, work that later appeared on posters, shirts and jigsaw puzzles.

New Book Puts You Behind Quiet Eye of Alison Shaw

If you visit the Alison Shaw Gallery during its opening this Memorial Day weekend, you may find yourself among the many who are inspired to go out and make photographs as calmly arresting and as quintessentially Vineyard as Ms. Shaw’s. If this is the case, the best remedy might be a copy of Ms. Shaw’s new book, Photographing Martha’s Vineyard: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them.