Kids First! Film Critics Boot Camp is coming to Martha’s Vineyard. The nonprofit children’s media advocacy organization has created camps and film festivals all over the country and is beginning its first camp at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center from August 11 to 15.

The organization's mission is to teach kids to watch movies critically and voice their opinions. If enrolled in the Film Critics Boot Camp, children will have the opportunity to watch films, learn to write and talk about films, meet special guests, learn techniques and be coached by professionals.

So far, there are 23 official Kids First! reporters and critics that post YouTube videos, blog posts, and articles that reach over 7 million people each year. After the week of training, campers would have the opportunity to join the Kids First reporters who attend premieres, press screenings, and have their video or written reviews watched and read by millions.

Whether or not campers want to be film critics, this experience will be beneficial for developing many different skills such as analyzing, critical thinking, writing, public speaking and being on camera.

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