I think it is summer. Or at least it was for a few days. We finally got some long needed rain. Now it is suppose to be cooler, so we will see what happens.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Cassandra Silva who celebrated her day June 8, Cailynn Patnaude, June 9, Rose Levesque, June 10, and to Mario Burnham, Nicholas Cowan, and Jovanna Lowell- Bettencourt who all celebrated June 11.

Special birthday wishes go out to Sandy Alestra who will be celebrating a mile stone birthday June 13. Happy Birthday Sandy and welcome to the over you know what year club.

Congratulations to all the young men and ladies who graduated from High School this past weekend. There were lots of celebrations and sunshine. I know I have said it a million times but time flies to fast and I am amazed that these young adult were just 2 years old last year and now they are out and almost on their own. I wish you all luck and may all your dreams come true.

Now to the other extreme, I attended the string concert at the Edgartown School on Monday night. I have to say we have some very talented musicians in our school. First of all I give them all credit for just getting up on stage never mind performing on an instrument. They went from beginners to advance and everyone was just as good as the next. Congratulations to their teachers for a job well done.

The island is starting to really come alive. The buses have been in the Town Parking lot with the tours. The bus is making the runs from the Town parking lot to town with employees on their way to work. The kids are here from colleges off island and looking for employment and even more a room to rent. I had someone knock on my door asking for a room, which was a little disturbing, but I guess when you need a place to live you will do anything.

My neighbors Harry and Judy Stotz were here last week to open their house. Even though they come here and there it is nice to see lights on in the house for a week or so time.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.