Dim the lights, it’s showtime again at the regional high school.

Ten student actors will perform Hush, a one-act play written by junior Aaron Teves and senior Alexis Willett, on Friday March 14 at the performing arts center.

“This is an original piece that started in a classroom,” said high school drama teacher Robert Dutton. “It’s the story of a bartender in a speakeasy during prohibition.”

Hush will be the high school’s entry in the 2014 Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild Festival. Vineyarders get a chance to see it first.

After the show, there will be time for discussion with the cast and creators.

“Sometimes people want to know where ideas come from,” Mr. Dutton said. The post-production back and forth will give student writers and actors an opportunity to explain their creativity. “The artistic journey is not usually a straight line,” added Mr. Dutton. “It goes all over the place and so they’ll get to talk about it.”

Mr. Dutton will give a talk preceding the show entitled Why Your Child Needs an Arts Education Right Now! The discussion will focus on the value of individuality and art in education. Mr. Dutton said he plans to spotlight student talents and the school’s theatre department.

“In the arts you’re talking about emotional connections,” he said.

The evening begins at 7 p.m., and the curtain rises on at 8 p.m.

Admission is free. Call 407-405-1872 for more information.