So here I am reading my emails and I come across the MV Patch post that asked if anyone in the area felt the earthquake. Now we have to worry about the earth shaking? This certainly has been a winter of all winters. After a day of ice-covered snow, we are now expecting a few inches of rain. I give up.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Geovane Meikle and Camden Townes, who celebrated their day Feb. 8; Liam Decker, Feb. 9; Amanda Moraes and Maksim Pachico, Feb. 11; Sophia Decker and John Habekost Jr., Feb. 12, and to Phillip Oliveira, who celebrated his day Feb. 13.

With it being winter, I know a lot of people are indoors watching movies, reading or playing family games. But with the Olympics on, I’m sure there are a lot of televisions turned on. Some of us are going between the Olympics and the Westminster Dog Show. And then there is The Bachelor, which I know a lot of you are not interested in, but with one of the bachelorettes, Renee Oteri, being a former Island resident, a lot of us have been keeping track of her. So the couch potatoes have had some things to watch, but there will be a lot of exercising going on in the spring.

Speaking of exercise, if you want to treat yourself to some stretching and feeling your own body strength, I have been going to Gretchen Wean at Yoga on the Vine for some classes and I have really enjoyed them. I know it is not all fun and games and your body does get a work out by stretching and using your own body for strength, but it is an uplifting feeling and you do get a lot out of it. The studio is near the Mail Room in Edgartown, so if you are interested, just stop by and get a schedule. Gretchen is there on Wednesday morning at 7:30 and Wednesday night at 7:30, Thursday at 7:30 a.m. and Sunday morning at 10.

John Stevens, principal of the Edgartown School, would like to thank both the Edgartown fire and police departments for their generous contributions to the recent seventh grade ski trip. Each year, the seventh graders travel to Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire to ski and tube as part of the school-sponsored trip. Most students have never had the experience of skiing, which makes this trip most memorable. Students and their families raise funds leading up to the trip — three days and two nights at Gunstock. This year, the travelers were forced to leave a day early to avoid winter storm Nika. This early departure added considerable expense to the trip. Faced with an over budget trip, or the possibility of shortening this trip, a call was made to the Edgartown Firemen’s Association and the Edgartown Patrolmen’s Association, who — without hesitation — donated the funds to cover the unexpected and additional costs. The trip went off without a hitch thanks to these two wonderful organizations who came to the rescue.

Congratulations to the junior high varsity squad — the Lady Eagles — on a hard fought game and a bittersweet victory. The Cape Hoops Champs of 2014 were 17-0 for the season. It was figured out that there are about nine travel team champs split between the Edgartown and Oak Bluffs teams. Congratulations girls, we are all proud of you.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.