The Gaymark barrel has hung out in front of our property for nearly 70 years, at least since the place was owned by the Balls and later their daughter. For years it was one of the items on scavenger hunt lists and some kid would swipe it for a day or two but it always reappeared. About five years ago it got swiped one weekend during a spate of similar thefts that included the Camp David sign from in front of Larry David’s place.

My replacement barrel came from a Napa Valley vineyard, and the painting was done by Chris Weller, a New York artist who summers here in Chilmark. I hung it from a 16-foot cedar post in a manner that made it truly hard to get. Until today!

Just back from lunch with old friends from the Cape who were in Edgartown for the day, my pleasant Sunday now ruined by the theft of the barrel!

Much has been made and talked about in the last few months about the changes here in Chilmark what with McMansions and so forth, but I’ve still felt safe living with the doors unlocked. No more! Thieves are at work in the town, my sign today, who knows what tomorrow? Is it time to give up the carefree style and start using burglar alarms during waking hours?

I want my sign back and I want the perps shackled! Enough already.

Bob Vila